Novecento Meccanografiche, L'arte dell'orologeria italiana

The warranty

Warranty 2 years

Novecento Meccanografiche ensures that its watches are free from defects in materials or workmanship. However the watch is covered by warranty for a period of two years, under a proper and normal use.

As part of the warranty it is free of charge repair or replacement of inefficient parts for identified shortcoming of origin.

The warranty excludes damage caused by incorrect technical interventions and breakage due to shocks.

The warranty is voided:

- if the defects arise from a clock misuse or by abnormal dynamics or thermal stresses;

- if the warranty card is not shipped as required.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone for details.

The assistance


Complete and timely execution of periodic maintenance operations is crucial for a greater clock duration under optimal operating conditions. Novecento Meccanografiche recommends, therefore, the execution of the maintenance schedule, described in the clock registration and assistance booklet, which can be performed by a qualified watchmaker or at Novecento Meccanografiche.

If you prefer a periodic maintenance carried out by the producer, you'll have to send the watch to Novecento Meccanografiche, together with clock registration and assistance booklet, where all maintenance operations will be recorded each time.

Periodic maintenance interventions carried out by Novecento Meccanografiche will be billed based on manpower rates and on the spares price list in effect at that moment; any shipping and clock insurance cost are at owner expense.

Technical Support after sale

For technical assistance and for any problems, Novecento Meccanografiche Watches are supported by own service center at:

Alessandro Cavadini - Watches factory

Via Francesco Soave, 1

22100 Como

Phone: +39 031 530915


Simplified procedure for assistance involves sending an e-mail to, complete with the following information:

- name, last name, address, telephone number, and possible e-mail;

- watch model;

- serial number written on the back of the watch;

- problem encountered;

- also attach a photo of the watch where the problem is highlighted.

The service center will take charge of the practice and will notify you of the next steps to be followed for shipping the watch.

Repairs will be made within 15 days from receipt of the watch; in case of delay for technical reasons, the service center      will contact the customer.